Ever since the first time I clicked the shutter on my father’s manual 35mm SLR camera to take a picture of the waves crashing onto the beach I knew this is what I wanted to do.

I am not afraid to admit that I love my work.  I enjoy the intimacy I experience working with people and the joy I get from making them feel good about themselves.  From individual portraits to elaborate weddings events, I love them all.

I enjoy getting to know who you are and letting others see you in the best possible light.  Using digital SLR cameras, up-to-date technology and professional editing software I am able to take great pictures and make them spectacular.

Contact information:

Email:  leighann@sonic.net

Phone:  (707) 228-0795

Leigh-Ann Wheeler lives in Santa Rosa, California with her daughter Grace.  She specializes in portrait photography and weddings.